Turn A Gundam Novelization by Harutoshi Fukui – Prologue!


Harutoshi Fukui Turn A Gundam Novels:
Cocoon on the Moon, Fruit on the Earth

Here it is. Our new project! The Turn A Gundam novels by Harutoshi Fukui! Some of you may be familiar with Fukui as the author to the Gundam Unicorn novels, which have since been animated. These Turn A Gundam novels have had a bit of a notorious reputation in the community for years, and it has been a dream of mine to see them translated. So, we’re making it happen.

They’re known to expand on and explore the source material (the TV anime) in great detail and add a lot of controversial changes to the story. My understanding is they touch on topics like the true nature of the Turn A Gundam’s nanomachinery and regeneration powers, the Moonlight Butterfly’s potential, the role of Newtypes, etc., and apparently Dianna and Kihel play a bit of a more hands-on role in the story and together pilot a mobile armor. Exciting stuff. This summary of info from the various Turn A novelizations gives us an idea of the things to expect.

There are two novels in Fukui’s novelization — each around 400 pages in length, and we’ve chosen to use the books that feature occasional artwork by character designer Yasuda Akira. This project is going to be a long haul, but we’re committed!

The team:

Feez (organization, editing, some proofreading)

khoda (translation)

nozaku (tl-checking)

poe (editing, scans)

Thaliarchus (proofreading)

This is mostly the same team we had for the Wind of the Moon manga scanlation.

EDIT (06/17/2016): we’ve made changes to the formatting and aesthetics of the PDF itself. Now looks a lot cleaner and nicer!

TURN A GUNDAM NOVEL (by Fukui) – Prologue translation:

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Turn A Gundam Picture Book: “Turn A Korokoro”


Hi guys, Turn A “Korokoro” (Tumble) is a short illustrated story written and drawn by Akiman. It’s fun and cute but it’s pretty nonsensical. Also, can Sochie EVER catch a break? Even in her dreams she gets wrecked. Heh. Anyhow,


Turn A “Korokoro”

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imgur album